How do I service my watch in London?

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Just like all expensive machines that require routine servicing, watches must also receive the same treatment. If left without regular maintenance, the life of watch drastically reduces to a few years. This is the case no one would want considering the amount one spends on buying luxury or vintage watches.  Therefore, in this article, we discuss the need for getting the watches serviced and the best places in London to do so.

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W1 Watches have formed a reputation of integrity and trust with their clients in the last 25 years. Satisfaction of clients is our ultimate aim. W1 Watches not only has experience in the market of vintage and luxury watches but also in repairing and servicing these high-end watches, which cannot be done by any layperson. We use materials of the highest quality and use the best skills in the market in order to maintain the value of your luxury watches.

The following ways ensure that we provide the highest possible standards for the servicing of your watches:

Luxury Watch Service Experts

The luxury mechanical watches need regular servicing because of the lubricants inside the machinery. Lubricants guarantee that the watch runs efficiently and smoothly. However, with time these lubricants dry up causing erosion and grinding of the machinery parts. That is why to keep a watch running one must make sure that it is regularly serviced and repaired. But the task should never be undertaken by a layperson as a watch is made up of complicated parts and one could risk ruining the functioning of the watch if it is not done by a professional. Always search for trusted battery replacement & repair service dealer with authentic accreditation.

At W1 Watches we have a team of technical experts for repairing and servicing your watches. Moreover, our team of experts have the experience in dealing with these complex watches and we provide a one-year guarantee for the work that we do. If anything happens to your watch within that time period, we repair it without any charges. You can call us at our helpline or visit us at our store in order to meet our team of professionals and see for yourself the quality of work we offer.

Going to the brand’s repair facility could cost the client an arm and a leg. Also, there could be long waiting lists to get the watch serviced. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the watch repair providers that have an ample amount of experience and a sound repute in the market.

Important factors when finding the right watch service provider

At W1 Watches, we can proudly claim that we are one of the most experienced and trusted watch service providers in the UK market. Our credentials and client reviews speak for our professionalism. The delicate work of service and repair is done by our experts with utmost care. In addition, we provide one-year guarantee for the work that we do. Therefore, contact us today to get your watch repaired and serviced on a reasonable rate.
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